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Photo: Stardust cherries Photo: Blueberries Photo: PF-27A Peaches

Here at Rittman Orchards, we pride ourselves in growing the best fruits and vegetables in the area. We're probably best known for our apples, but that's just one of many, many things that we grow here. We also grow our own strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, melons, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and a whole lot more. Below is a list of what we currently have available, as well as what's coming up next.


Fruits and Vegetables Currently Available in the Market
Last updated: 08/16/2014

U-Pick: The second crop red raspberries are starting to come on. There are some really nice ones out there again. To do u-pick, you can bring your own (non-glass) containers, and we'll weigh them before you go out. The market staff will direct you as to which rows should have the most ripe berries. Have fun!

Red Raspberries - U-pick available.

Blueberries - Already picked and in the market. U-pick is unfortunately over for the season.

Yellow squash and zucchini
Cucumbers -
Both slicing and pickling types
Sweet onions - Yellow, white and red varieties
Beets - Assorted colors
Snow Peas
Green beans -
Romano beans as well as standard green
and cauliflower
Tomatoes - Standard red, some heirlooms and cherries are starting
- Yukon Gold
Peppers - Green, purple and ivory bells; poblano; medium hot block; Hungarian wax; sweet banana

Sweet Corn - Bicolor

Melons - Cantaloupe. Some canary, galia and charentais are starting.


Dandee Red - Sweet-tart with a little crunch. All-purpose. A new variety from Ohio, improved PaulaRed type.
Redfree - Juicy, crisp, fairly sweet. Very good early red eating apple.
Sansa - For the Gala lovers. Sweet, crunchy and juicy, this early apple has a lot of Gala qualities to it. We actually like it a little better.
Zestar! - Uniquely spicy with a zippy aftertaste. All-purpose, but especially eating, cooking and salads.
Ginger Gold
- An early Golden Delicious type, with just a hint of spiciness.
Summer Rambo
- Mildly tart. Excellent for cooking and sauce.


Fruits and Vegetables Coming Soon

Apples -
St. Edmund's Pippin - A few days

Honeycrisp - Late August - early September
Blondee - Late August - early September
Burgundy - Late August - early September
Gala - Late August - early September

You can refer to our Apple Chart and the corresponding variety pages for much more information about our apples.

Rittman Orchards
13548 Mt. Eaton Rd. (SR 94)
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