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Photo: Stardust cherries Photo: Blueberries Photo: PF-27A Peaches

Here at Rittman Orchards, we pride ourselves in growing the best fruits and vegetables in the area. We're probably best known for our apples, but that's just one of many, many things that we grow here. We also grow our own strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, melons, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and a whole lot more. Below is a list of what we currently have available, as well as what's coming up next.

Last updated: 09/26/2014

U-Pick: U-pick apples are currently running during our daily business hours. We're picking Jonagold, Melrose and Red Delicious right now. Stop in the market to purchase your picking bag before going out into the orchard. U-pick pumpkins will start this Saturday and run daily. Saturdays and Sundays we also offer a wagon ride and our corn maze from 12-5 both days.

Fruits and Vegetables Currently Available in the Market

Beets - Assorted colors

Tomatoes - Standard red, heirlooms, mixed cherries, roma, Carolina Gold
Peppers - Green and various colored bells; poblano; medium hot block; Hungarian wax; sweet banana; serrano; jalapeno; habanero
Tomatillos -
purple and green varieties
Ground Cherries

Sweet Corn - Bicolor and white

Melons - Watermelon, cantaloupe, charentais, French Orange, and butterscotch (as they ripen)

Asian Pears

Apple Cider

Gala - An excellent eating apple for those who like sweet apple with a lot of crunch.

Golden Supreme - A mild, sweet golden apple. Resistant to browning after slicing. Especially good for eating and salads.
McIntosh - tender and spicy this old-timer is especially recommended as a cooking apple.
Crimson Crisp - Sweet with a spicy undertone. Very crunchy. Excellent eating.
Jonathan - Classic tartness, fairly firm. Excellent for eating and makes a really great pie!
Fuji - A sweet, crunchy, juicy apple. Great eating!
SnowSweet - Sweet, crunchy and very juicy. For those who like Fuji and want something just a little different.
- Spicy with a mildly tart flavor. Our favorite apple for a single varietal applesauce.

Jonagold - Sweet-tart and crunchy. Our most popular all-purpose apple.

Crimson Gold -Very crisp and juicy. Nice sweet-tart balance. Great eating or baking.

King David - Complex sweet-tart and vinous flavor, crunchy. Excellent for eating and cooking.
Red Delicious - The classic sweet eating apple.
Holiday - Crispy and somewhat tart. Excellent all-purpose, especially eating.

Honeycrisp - Considered by many to be the best eating apple. Very crunchy and juicy, with a honeyed sweetness. Our most popular apple.


Fruits and Vegetables Coming Soon

Apples -
Melrose - A day or two
Maocun - A day or two
Pinova - A day or two
Roxbury Russet - A few days
Spigold - A few days
Northern Spy - Within a week
Golden Delicious - Within a week
Shizuka - Within a week

And many more later!

You can refer to our Apple Chart and the corresponding variety pages for much more information about our apples.

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