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Photo: Stardust cherries Photo: Blueberries Photo: PF-27A Peaches

Here at Rittman Orchards, we pride ourselves on growing the best fruits and vegetables in the area. We're probably best known for our apples, but that's just one of many, many things that we grow here. We also grow our own strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, melons, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and a whole lot more. Below is a list of what we currently have available, as well as what's coming up next.

Last updated: 06/30/2015

Fruits and Vegetables Currently Available in the Market

Upick This Week: Strawberries, Red Raspberries, Black Raspberries, Blueberries

Strawberries - At the end! Upick is over on Friday at the lastest. Bring your own non-glass containers to pick into, and we'll weigh them before you go out. Even if you've picked already this season, please stop in the market EVERY time you come to pick, as we open and close different fields every day. You need to know where to go for picking. U-Pick is rain or shine, but if there is thunder or lightning, we don't let people into the fields. We will not be picking any more strawberries for the market this season, but u-pick will remain open for a little longer still.

Red Raspberries - We have upick open right now, as well as some already-picked berries when the rain allows.

Blueberries - We have already-picked blueberries, and upick is open this weekend.

Black Raspberries - We have already-picked black raspberries when the rain allows, and upick is open now.

Apples - Transparent

Fruits and Vegetables Coming Soon

Apples - Lodi - A couple days

Rittman Orchards
13548 Mt. Eaton Rd. (SR 94)
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